State Law Restricts School Funds

Changes in state law limit the amount of tax dollars Center Grove Schools receive and restrict the way those tax dollars can be spent. The money used to pay for school resource officers comes out of the same fund used to pay for teacher salaries. Money to pay for security cameras and threat alert systems comes out of the same fund used to pay for school buses.

CG Among the Lowest Funded in Indiana

Center Grove consistently ranks among the 10-15 lowest funded school corporations in the state of Indiana. In 2018, Center Grove ranked 278 out of 289 school districts in Indiana for the amount of state funding received per student. The funding formula, determined by the state legislature, sets the amount of funding on a per student basis with additional funds provided for schools with more “at risk” students. As a result, traditionally high-performing school districts receive the lowest funding.

Tax Caps to Reduce State Funding to CG by $12M+ in Next 8 Years

Center Grove is projected to lose more than $12 million in state funding due to tax cap limits over the next eight years. Property Tax Caps were added in the Indiana Constitution in 2008. They “cap” property taxes at 1% for residential; 2% for apartments/farmland; and 3% for all other property including business. A referendum allows for an exception to collect money on top of the tax cap.