Letter: Lisa Porat, PAC Chair

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you know by now that Center Grove will have a referendum proposal on the ballot in November. This referendum is focused on providing more mental health counselors and well as classroom supports in our schools, in addition to critical safety and security features. The state does not provide funding for school safety. It is up to the schools to take funds from their Education and Operations funds to pay for these initiatives. We can’t wait the 10 years or so it may take to try to work these safety measures and supports into the school budget, this is a critical need that we must address sooner or later. 

As you have been most likely hearing on local and national news, the mental health and safety issues in our schools is a national epidemic. We have got to do better in intervening early and often with kids and deal with critical need for classroom support and clinical counseling. Center Grove is trying to be proactive with the additional mental health resources, as well as provide better reactive and comprehensive safety measures. You can see all of the details at http://supportcgstudents.com/.   There have been some flyers in various neighborhoods distributed by a person who is not quoting any accurate facts or details—he simply doesn’t want his taxes raised, please see this website for the facts.

I support this referendum as a parent, a clinician, a volunteer and a community member.  I am probably preaching to the choir when I say we are a community here in Center Grove and the safety and well-being of our children is paramount.

I am simply asking you for support if you are so inclined. Please get out and vote YES on November 5th.  If you’d like to help volunteer to get the word out or put up a yard sign, that would be wonderful, please let me know.  We have yard signs ready to distribute!

Please let me know if you have any questions. We appreciate your consideration and support.

Warm Regards,
Lisa Porat