letter: paul gabriel, cGCSC Chief financial officer

As White River Township voters go to the polls for the November 5th election, many will have just one decision to make. That decision is whether to invest in improved safety, increased security, and added mental health and classroom behavioral supports for Center Grove students. White River Township residents know our schools are a wise investment based on the steady increase in property values in our community. I want to assure voters that this referendum is also a wise investment. 

Center Grove’s $100 million budget is continually evaluated to ensure that dollars are directed to the classroom and to ensure that our more than 8,700 students are provided with safe transportation and safe schools. That’s why we have added three School Resource Officers to our staff in each of the last three years, made major upgrades in safety and security, and established working partnerships with local and state law enforcement officials and first responders. The placement of an Emergency Operations Center on our school campus that will be occupied by first responders and law enforcement officers reinforces that commitment. Simply put, we have made the initial investments needed, but more remains to be done.

As you also know, on November 5th, the school referendum will offer you and other residents of our community the opportunity to decide whether we continue to make safety and security upgrades. Funds from the proposed referendum will be used in and out of the classroom to make a difference for our students, parents, teachers, staff, and our residents. Specifically, funds will be allocated to add mental health services; provide additional behavioral supports for our teachers in the classroom; and expand support for social and emotional learning. In addition, the referendum includes funding for live monitoring of all school facilities; additional School Resource Officers; use of emerging technologies for safety; and cyber security monitoring and protection. The referendum would also fund bus stop arm cameras on every one of the 100 buses in our fleet. My top priority is ensuring our tax dollars are used wisely, efficiently, and effectively. We work diligently each day to try to achieve that. 

On November 5th, you will have the choice to determine whether increased student safety in and out of the classroom is a wise investment. Please vote “Yes” for the Center Grove Schools referendum on November 5th.

Paul Gabriel, Ed.D.
Chief Financial Officer
Center Grove Community School Corporation