LETTER: Support CG Students PAC Executive Committee

We, as White River Township taxpayers and parents of Center Grove students, feel strongly that Center Grove’s Safety, Security, & Support referendum is necessary and worthy of your vote “yes”. This referendum will create a fund that Center Grove Schools will use to provide mental health resources, added security and deterrents, live monitoring of our school campuses, and classroom behavioral supports for the more than 8,700 students in all nine Center Grove schools. This is important not just for our students’ futures, but for the health of the Center Grove school district, and the value of our homes in our community.

The referendum will cost a taxpayer who has a $200,000 home with a Homestead deduction $9.37 per month or $112.41 per year. (A tax calculator is available at www.SupportCGStudents.com.) The largest percentage of the referendum fund, 37%, will be spent on mental health and classroom behavioral supports. As parents, we see the need for mental health support in our schools. This generation is facing much different pressures than we faced and that our parents’ generation faced. Our teachers are not trained mental health professionals. They cannot be expected to teach every student, while also serving as therapists, life skills specialists, and crisis counselors. Providing this support to our children now will not only help them learn, but may also help them one day become more productive members of our community. While the state does not provide funding for these important mental health and behavioral supports, we as a community can.

This referendum is an investment in the future of our children and our community. Please vote “Yes” for the Center Grove Schools referendum on the November 5th ballot.

Lisa Porat, Chair
Amy Counts, Treasurer
Jill Johnson, Fundraising Coordinator
Jennifer Rakow, Volunteer Coordinator
Support CG Students